MVA catches attention at Perugia International Journalism Festival

A group of five people smile at the camera. The sky is blue and sunny behind them.

An incredible week at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia! The Media Viability Accelerator caught audience attention, with high attendance to the MVA’s drop-in side event.

The MVA team ran 10-point, 5-minute diagnostics for independent media representatives, supporting a deeper understanding of the platform and its uses, and also led platform demos and answered questions on the wider MVA Forward initiative.

Discussions and positive visitor feedback throughout the 2-hour session evidenced high engagement and interest among independent media outlets in using the MVA platform. This bodes well for both the upcoming Soft Launch on World Press Freedom Day, for independent media organizations already working with our implementing partners, and for the full public platform launch in September 2024.

The wider festival was an opportunity for the MVA team to connect and forge new partnerships with other key media viability players and take part in dynamic discussions on sustainable business models for independent media, challenges of AI in newsrooms and big tech accountability in the news space.

MVA’s technology partner and funder, Microsoft‘s Democracy Forward Initiative, ran two panels throughout the weekend. At the first session, titled ‘How does implementing AI in your newsroom drive sustainability?’, the panel shared interesting examples of how even small media outlets can make use of AI to optimize content responsibly and improve audience engagement. Hopefully many of these powerful tools will be available via the MVA Solutions Marketplace when it launches in a few months.

In the second event, ‘Building trust through content authenticity’, speakers outlined ways media outlets can authenticate their content to help prevent the spread of disinformation and to enhance trust with their audiences.

More updates on the MVA product and soft launch to follow.