Why create the MVA?

Business models for independent media have changed profoundly in recent decades, and the rate of change is only increasing. Major digital and entertainment platforms — with their huge audiences, data pools, and AI-driven amplification — capture most of the global market’s advertising and subscription spend, while fact-based, independent media are being outcompeted and threatened.

Only by preserving independent media can people hold power to account, make informed decisions that affect their lives, and preserve democracy.

The MVA will help media outlets compete for audiences and revenues more effectively.


Better Decisions

Just as the facts are essential for audiences in making informed decisions, they are also essential for media outlets to survive and thrive. The MVA will support data-informed decision making with a focus on embedding data into daily and weekly routines.


Focus on Context and Action

With so much data available, it is essential to identify what is relevant and actionable. The MVA will enable advanced segmentation and action-driven alerts, so that media outlets can be inspired frequently by how others, with similar market and organizational characteristics, behave.


Collaborative Competition

Individually, independent media lack large data pools to learn from, so it can be hard to know how
to adapt and grow. By pooling data from multiple media organizations, the MVA will enable them to discover what works for others globally. The MVA will never offer benchmarks on how media outlets in the same country perform, or reveal individual performance data without explicit permissionfrom the media outlet. Comparisons are always offered by media outlet and market characteristics.


Recognizing Excellence, Finding Solutions

There are many organizations offering investment, funding, training, tools, and services that can support independent media in becoming more resilient but finding the right partners is difficult. There are also few standards for demonstrating the benefits of those solutions. The MVA will make this simple, by connecting those who need help, with those who can offer it. Funders and implementers of media development programs have already expressed an interest in joining the MVA. Any MVA User can become a Solution Provider.


MVA Data Universe

Based on a minimized amount of media outlet input, MVA Insights will use proprietary automation and publicly available analytical tools to make informed inferences about Context (e.g., characteristics of the primary country/region and the type of media outlet), the Availability of their output, the Resonance of their content, their organizational Performance, and their Effectiveness in defining and upholding their vision, mission, and values.

A funnel shaped graphic illustrates different levels of data
CARPE - A hierachy for the MVA's collection of media outlets' business performance data