MVA Overview

A screen capture of a website performance report, comparing two metrics; Google search impressions and average engagement time.
This MVA website report compares shows trends and the relatedness of two metrics over time

The MVA (Media Viability Accelerator) is a web-based platform to support independent media in becoming more financially sustainable. 

Partnering with Microsoft’s Democracy Forward Initiative for leading-edge data aggregation and visualization tools, the MVA offers the kind of market intelligence that businesses need to be financially successful.

Diverse, fact-based, independent media are essential to democracy, but many outlets struggle to survive due to loss of ad revenue and anti-democratic pressures.

To reverse this trend, independent media need:

  1. Insights on successful strategies to sustain their efforts,
  2. Partners to support with implementing those solutions, and
  3. Access to funding, if needed, to turn ideas into improved viability.

To address those needs, the MVA will provide:

  1. MVA Insights a data platform to track independent media outlets’ business performance and learn from others with similar market and organization characteristics. In one place, the platform presents and benchmarks weekly content output, audience and revenue data for websites and three social media platforms. MVA Insights is currently in its soft launch phase and will launch publicly in September 2024. 
  2. MVA Solutions a demand-driven marketplace for products and services aimed at media viability. Providers will offer a wide range of solutions, and media can select those they most value. MVA Solutions is scheduled for launch in September 2024. 
  3. Financial Support – multiple funding opportunities of up to $25,000 to support organizations to design new strategies for viability and incorporate those into business operations. Additional funds will also be available for media support programming that incorporates the MVA, and for the development of MVA Solutions offerings.
A mobile phone screen shows the Facebook performance of an independent media outlet. The outlet's reach is up from the previous week but it has performed lower than the segment average.
Here, MVA Insights analyzses a media outlet's social media reach against its output for previous weeks and also in comparison to other media outlets registered with the MVA.

Media outlets using the MVA will become better informed about themselves, better equipped to adapt to market changes, and better known to organizations which can assist with their work.

The creation of this tool has been steered by organizations supporting media freedom, as well independent media outlets, around the world, in order for the MVA to function in the most useful way for those that use it and ensure that independent media outlets can survive, thrive, adapt, and grow as businesses. 

MVA Benefits 

A table outlines the benefits of MVA Insights and Solutions.