Independent media

The MVA (Media Viability Accelerator) is a free service to support independent media globally in adapting to the many challenges they face. 

Any independent media outlet representative may become an MVA user – and the service has been designed to be used by multiple users from the same organization. By joining this free service, you will become part of a global community of media outlets evolving and adapting to improve their financial viability. The MVA is designed to improve audience numbers, reach and revenues of independent media worldwide. To access more information on the MVA, head to Overview and Why create the MVA.

A young Black journalist is taking handwritten notes from a computer screen on to paper.
Independent media will have access to: 
  • MVA Insights a data platform to track media outlet’s business performance and learn from others with similar market and organization characteristics. In one place, the platform presents and benchmarks weekly content output, audience and revenue data for websites and three social media platforms.
  • MVA Solutions a demand-driven marketplace for products and services aimed at media viability. Providers will offer a wide range of solutions, and media can select those they most value.
  • Financial Support – multiple funding opportunities of up to $25,000 to support organizations to design new strategies for viability and incorporate those into business operations. Additional funds will also be available for media support programming that incorporates the MVA, and for the development of MVA Solutions offerings.
Would you like to use the MVA?

Media outlets with pre-existing partnerships with Free Press Unlimited, the Global Forum for Media Development, Internews, IREX, SembraMedia, and Thomson Reuters Foundation should contact these organizations directly for current access to the MVA. The MVA will go to full public launch in September 2024.