Building Now: The Media Viability Accelerator

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Welcome to the Media Viability Accelerator (MVA) community! More than 700 journalists, editors, content producers, and other media makers have already registered interest in access to this new tool that will help independent media build revenue and improve business operations.

As the MVA community grows, we’re busy building the platform with our partners at Microsoft. This month, software developers began hearing from journalists in Ukraine, Myanmar, Moldova, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Mexico and elsewhere, to hear what data-driven insights matter most to media outlets. Soon we’ll have prototypes to test and dashboards to demonstrate.

As we work toward launch, we’ll update this community on progress and what you can expect from the MVA when it rolls out. Right now, you can help by spreading the word: encourage other outlets to sign up here.


What’s the MVA?

The Media Viability Accelerator (MVA) is a web-based platform that will pool anonymous data from media organizations globally, enabling independent newsrooms to discover what works for others and apply those learnings to their own business. Free of charge, participating outlets will learn from a community of peers, access a multilingual tool that visualizes media performance data, and receive actionable daily alerts based on thousands of market and media sources. Users can also access a diverse MVA marketplace of government, nonprofit, and business services to find investors, funders, advertisers, technology solutions and advisors.


Who’s involved?

In launching the MVA, Microsoft, USAID and Internews are joining forces with key organizations including Free Press for Eastern Europe, Free Press Unlimited, Global Forum for Media Development, IREX, SembraMedia and the Thomson Reuters Foundation.


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